My Fieldlet: October 18th, 2005

I was having "one of those days" when I walked up to the lil area at the top of the hill near my house.  It's an area I call "The Fieldlet" since it's pretty much just grass and quite small.  Probably not impressive to most but I like it.  Two of these are my absolute favorite non-people/pets shots I've taken.  Cause I think they really captured the emotion of the moment.  They're the one of the sun peaking through the break in the tree and the one of the leaf-filled tree in between two "dead" trees.  I guess they just represented something like hope or perseverance for me.  I also really like the fifth picture.  It looks like a lil path (its not) but it's fun to imagine that it leads to Fairyland or something.  The rest I just think are kinda cool.  :-)

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